Tuesday, February 7, 2012

National Automobile Museum

Finally down loaded 350 pictures of the camera. This project was last summer. The National Automobile Museum the Harrah's Collection wanted a model for a photo shoot for Horseless Carriage Magazine. "No problem" says I, as the back of my brain is quickly going through my stash. They wanted 1904, that meant "pouter pigeon" look. I found a material in my stash that mimicked a crepe. The color is a little brighter than the mauve, pinkish color the magazines of the time talked about, but I thought I could make it  work. 
The very modern hat from Dillard's and the illustrations of what I needed to turn this hat into.

I liked the clam shell effect in the books - so I tried it on this
Front clam shell

Mimic of the clam shell in back, I did add more feathers a couple of months ago hang down across the back.

sorta my base - needed that fullness in the back and flatter front.

Cutting out the mock up on material
Mock up - trying to get drape and flat front panel
flat front panel - lace over lay is some old curtains in stash
messing around with drape in back
Figuring out some type of decoration with use of some old flat lace
Blouse was off of a wedding pattern

Deer in the head light look - but the "pouter pigeon" is there
They do wrap covers - the little boy was a cutie


Donna Jeanne Koepp said...

This is a wonderful peek into your process. I love to see other artists at work. Thanks for sharing. Also, the header of your blog is really nice, turned out great.

Lady Carolyn said...

Thanks Donna!