Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Costume College 2010

There were a few shows in June and July for the tour industry, but the first weekend in August was a feeding frenzy for the costumer's soul. Every year in southern California the Costumers Guild West holds the annual Costume College, over 120 classes from historical to Sci Fi. Posted below are a few of the costumes that were wondering the halls.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Cain's Crossing Renaissance Faire

I was asked to be Queen for Cain's Crossing. The Lady who usually does Queen had some surgery and was not quite up to the task. She was at fair, but being Queen and "on" all the time can take a toll on the body physically.

One of the hardest parts of being Queen and and staying in character is not being able to do any thing for yourself.

I did archery and actually hit the bull's eye on the second shot. I thought I had better quit while I was ahead.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

National Auto Museum 4/22/10

What fun today! I worked with Harrah's National Automobile Museum on a skit for one of their inservice programs. Lady Carolyn was the Ladies Maid today.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Carolyn Dummy or a Dress Form fitted to Carolyn's Body

Last Friday, two friends, Jennie and Paige did a paper tape fitting of my body. Jennie learned this technique last year at Costume College.

The first thing I did was go to the thrift store and bought a really fitted, umm tight, turtle neck and wore a pair of leggings. Jennie said make sure it covers my upper arms and up toward my neck. I would have wet paper tape all over the shirt and it would be cut off of me.

Jennie laying on layers of tape.

Things can get a little friendly at times and if you didn't know your taper well before the fitting, you will by the end when they poke and push in certain places.

With the wet paper tape it can get wet and damp. It feels lovely to have the blow dryer on ya to dry it out some.

After 2-3 layers Jennie is cutting me out. Notice how she is cutting in a zig zag pattern. This makes it easy to tape it back together by matching up the points.

After I was cut out of the tape we hung the form over a form to dry out before pulling back together and taping.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Another School Event - Auburn, CA

Today I went and played with my Renaissance guild at a school event in Auburn, CA. It has been a year since I have been able to meet with this group and I realized how much I enjoy them and the world of sharing and teaching.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Event on March 4, 2010
Kanen Tours, San Jose

What a beautiful place to enjoy Spring! Kanen Tours held their event at a center just a little south of San Jose.

These three ladies came in their Victorian finest. We had a little improv fashion show for the guests and all enjoyed their spirited enthusiasm.

The mansion is beautifully decorated. It is also a Bed and Breakfast.

Outside of the B&B and Event Center

The Luncheon was held on the back patio over looking the valley with spring erupting all over.

The views of the green velvet hills.

Event on March 3, 2010

On March 3rd, the Silver Legacy wanted a presentation that would incorporate San Francisco and the Reno area. They had several people coming over on the Snow Train who would be interested in someone who had connections to both areas who might have made it big though the gold rush of 1849. Voila - The Mackays. I also will present the same program on the 10th for another group coming on the Snow Train.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

GBCS --- that stands for Great Basin Costume Society!!!!

There's a new group in town, the GBCS. Lauren Reeser who has moved here from the bay area was pinning away to play. So she and her mother put together the format for this new group. All are welcome to play at all events or whatever event catches your fancy!

Here are a few pictures of the group that met today. My apoligies to Paige, who sat on my right and to Shirley, who was on my left, and Tiffany across from me and the other little gal and Biddy who seemed to play musical chairs and I never caught her in a seat to get a pic! I never left my seat until the end to take pictures of the group around the table and missed these ladies.

GRRRRRR I had names beside each pic, but the blogger thingy was putting names where ever and when ever it wanted on the page - so here are just the pics, sans names.

History Classes in Washoe Co School District

I had the opportunity six times to teach a few classes to some history classes, Jr High and High School

Cruising in Dec. Part 2

Scott joined me for the second half of the cruise. It was our honeymoon time along with me "working". Doing presentations on cruise ships I do not count as work!!

Scott and I at one of the formal nights. Scott was fabulous about "dressing up"

The photographer keep calling Scott "Mr. President"

Scott and I on one of the Port Days - this was in Guatemala.

Cruising in Dec. Part 1

My new sis-in-law went with me on this cruise. What a blast we had!

In one of the many lounges on the cruise ship after a presentation.

There is something about cruising in the sun and sand that just doesn't jive with Christmas.

Wedding Bells!

This is a picture taken on the cruise ship in the same outfits we were married in. Gatsby all the way!

This is the view from a 3 yr old with a camera. Sara took lots of pics of the wedding, of course she always looking

Our beautiful wedding cake, make by Shaine, new step-daughter! Our wedding day is also Scott's birthday so she made his favorite cake.