Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cruising Again

On Feb 3rd I received an email calling for a speaker aboard the Mercury, a ship of the Celebrity Cruise Lines. I responded, they accepted and 18 hrs later David (son) and I were flying to Baltimore to cruise to the Bahamas on a 9 day cruise. What a furious 14 hours I had, that left 4 hours of sleep, but knew I could sleep on the plane.

Not only did I have to pack mundane (normal) clothes for cruising, but had to pull 4 ensembles together for 4 edutainment presentation and a formal night. Plus two midnight runs to Walmart for some clothes for David. I can't believe that I didn't forget anything!

Below is our ship the Mercury and pictures of my presentations/shows. It's not all work, David and I rode Segways, deep sea fishing and road a scooter all over Nassau and the island. Of course work is a relative term, 4 one hour presentations and a cruise for free for David and I.