Monday, February 20, 2012

Interesting Picture to Interpret

I was in Portland OR this weekend and spent a couple hours poking through antique shops with Maridy and we found this photo. I found it interesting for a few reasons. 1. Very rarely do you find a full figure photo, most of the hundreds of old photos are head shots, or some group pictures 2. Most of the studio photos if they are a full figure shot are indoor clothing 3. This is a studio shot, outdoor clothing, she has all her accessories - hat, gloves, purse, fur piece. Her hat, gloves and shoes appear to be white, all coordinated. And she is posing!

Just an interesting picture to me. So what date would you put on this? I think around the late teens due to the length of her ensemble, her purse, hat, and fur piece. Her boots did throw me off at first. I didn't think boots were sold or really worn in late teens and high button boots seem a little late for such a stylish lady. Not to say one couldn't pull out a favorite pair of boots or shoes from a few year previous if you really found them comfortable to year. It is hard to tell in this picture of a picture but they are boots.  I did find this picture below at New York Public Library collections. It is dated 1918. The suit is so similar to the lady above.

I did find these boots as late as 1917 from the New York Public Library.

So to put two and two together and hopefully not come up with five, I would date this around 1918ish give or take a year.  My deduction can be off so I don't mind standing corrected if someone else has a better date.


Time Traveling in Costume said...

The more I see of 'teens dresses, the more I like them. I hope to get one done this year.

Ahma aka Lady Carolyn said...

I have a 1919ish one Val, so easy to wear, so comfortabe, Go for it you will enjoy it.