Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Daughter and I in England, Scotland and one day in Paris!

After the transatlantic trip I stay an extra two weeks in England. My daughter Maridy flew in to meet me and we had a wonderful trip seeing the sights of England and Scotland.

I think one of my most memorable experiences was the few days we spent in Derbyshire. Maridy found an awesome B&B, Sheriff's Lodge. The innkeepers, Alan and Kate, were people after my own heart. We had many of the same interest. Alan arranged for us to dress in 1500's ensembles and visit Haddon Hall. The home of the Duke of Rutland. I actually play the part of the Dowager Countess of Rutland, Bridget Manners at various Renaissance fairs. Alan and Kate, also encouraged us to dress Vicorian and attend a four mill where they were celebrating Victiorian Days. I even dressed Kate's mom who is my size in the same ensemble I wore to the mill and she went back to the mill and enjoyed herself as a Victorian lady.

Below are some of the pictures from the Derbyshire area.

This guy and his "monkey" were lots of fun.

Kate's mom in my Victorian ensemble.

Maridy, Kate's Mom, and I in the garden.

Maridy at Haddon Hall working in the kitchen like a good servant!

Looking out a window where how many have looked out since 1550?

The family chapel.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

WOW 4 months since last post!!

My life has certainly moved at a fast past in the past 4 month! The past 4 months has included:

1. a wonderful two week cruise
2. two weeks in England
3. a mom with a broken hip and rehab
4. buying a house
5. moving
6. dating a wonderful man

The activities that took the most time was taking care of my mom and moving. I have WAY too much stuff! But I did thin it out some.

Below you will find some of pictures of the tansatlantic cruise and pictures of Lady Carolyn doing her thing aboard ship. My sister in law, Annie, went with me on this trip and we had a wonderful time.

France, the flowers, the pastries, the eating outdoors!!


The Azores - beautiful country!

The Bahamas - getting around on a scooter!!

Lady Carolyn after one her presentations!

A full house!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Voyager of the Seas

Two weeks from today (4-4-09) I will be leaving to board this beautiful ship for a two weeks on a transatlantic cruise, Galveston, TX to South Hampton, England. I will be presenting 9 shows/presentations for the nine sea days of a 14 day trip. You want to know the best part? I'll be cruising free! Yep you heard right-- free for me and a companion, who happens to be my sis in law! Then my daughter is flying into London and we will spend two fast filled weeks in the UK Would you like to know how to cruise for free? Check out Daniel's Halls site it will tell you everything you need to know to get on a ship for free!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kerosense Cowboys

What a fast pasted 5 days this has been. The casting agency that I work with, Integrity Casting, was called to provide extras and Production Assistants for a production company that blew into Northern NV. Name of the movie that is being produced is Kerosene Cowboys, with Mario Van Peebles and Bill Pullman. I was on location for three days either as a PA/wrangler or an extra. Long hours, but entertaining! Below is a few shots of talent that we had to find for one scene.

Roland and Bill Pullman

Randy Arrington (writer of the book) and Phil

Bill Pullman and Tonya

Phil and Roland

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Yesterday, 2/07/09, Maridy (my daughter) and I taught a class on etiquette to aspiring talent for the film industry. Integrity Casting hired us to teach & coach talent who will be needing all the skills they can use in various situations they will be exposed to in the film industry. This could be on set, a gala event, a "go see" or for an audition. Yeah for the auditions! First we taught the men, there are things that the men need to know about the world of etiquette that are independent of the females and the same goes for the females. Therefore the second half of the class was just for the females.

Maridy and Mack unpacking the all important mirror so you can see what you REALLY look like

Maridy teaching the gentlemen.

Carolyn getting ready to expound up the importance of table manners -umm very useful with your agent or a scene in a dining establishment.

Carolyn teaching something, however those shoes sure match her sweater and I think the Wicked Witch of the West would be jealous.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cruising Through Panama -- LA to Dominican Republic

What an absolute fabulous time! My brother and I left on Jan 4, 2009 for a two week cruise. Royal Caribbean hired me to come aboard and do my shows/presentations Bringing History to Life for the various ports of call we would be stopping to visit or countries we would pass through. I did five presentations wearing costumes from the 1500's to early 1900's depending upon the history that was being presented. I also had costumes for three formal nights.

For the first time out of doing this type of venue it went well. Just like any dress rehearsal or opening night of a show there are a few things I will tweak for the next cruise, but overall I was pleased. I was prepared for seven topics. I was to do six, but because of scheduling regarding going through the canal I did five presentations.

My brother, bless his heart, is great when it came to taking a bijillion great pictures of the countryside, but pictures of me doing the presentations well I'll let you be the judge of his expertise of inside shots or night shots. To say the least they ___________ (you fill in the blank)

My thanks to my sister-in-law, Annie, for letting my brother go with me. We laughed and talked like we were kids again! But Annie will have her revenge for her lonely time at home when she travels with me on the Alaska cruise this September and John stays home.

By the way if any of you have a skill, expertise or passion that you could present on a cruise ship, check out this link to Daniel Hall's site. You and a partner can cruise free--yes that word was FREE! This is how I got started and if you follow his directions it's a no brainer!

At the airport getting ready to fly to LA. I had to wear part of the pirate costume down, to cut down on overweight charges. I did have to pay for one bag. A couple of people wanted to know if I was German.

So what do you do with your hats in a small cabin? You can't leave them in the trunk as you need the floor space and the trunk is stored under the bed and hard to get to.Thank goodness I had
safety pins with me ( what good costumer does not?) and I pinned them to the valance in the room.

For those of you in the Greater Bay Costumers Guild, these are the only decent pictures I have of the swim suit. The others taken at the pool party at night on board the ship did not turn out. (my brother's photo abilities) By the way getting out of a pool with no steps, just a ladder is a very interesting situation. That suit is HEAVY!

Two of the formal nights on board ship. Everyone loved my brother in his top hat!

The following pictures are of the presentations throughout the two weeks. As you can tell my brother, again bless his little heart, needs some camera lessons. Oh well we had the grandest time and I would take him again camera abilities and all.

The Cruising Edwardian Female

The 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition

Maria Colon or Columbus, daughter-in-law to Christopher Columbus, who lived in the Dominican Republic

Crossing the Isthmus of Panama before the Canal