Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fun Event, June 26, 2011, KNPB Reno

Reno's weather can be sketchy at best, but on Jun 26 on a beautiful Sunday afternoon our public broadcasting station KNPB held an Afternoon Tea & Lawn Party on the grounds of a historic home. The historic property is now home to a landscaping/greenhouse/nursery. As you can image with these credentials the grounds are beautiful.

KNPB's theme was Downton Abbey, with actors from the local Nevada Shakespeare Company playing principle characters as they wondered through the guests.

Three of us from the GBCS (Great Basin Costume Society) took advantage of an opportunity to dress Edwardian and enjoy the activities.

A few days later, my monthly newletter from KNPB came via email. There was a report on the Afternoon Tea and Garden Party with a video attached. So posted below you will see that viedo and pictures from the Tea.

Carolyn Runnells (that would be me) Lauren Reeser, Lisa Fisher



Lauren and Lisa

The Duchess - she was a hoot

Rest of cast from Downton Abbey

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nevada Museum of Art

Below you will find the rest of the models from the last session that ended June 27th. We start the next session on July 18th, ends August 22

Dana --- Annie get your gun! Dana reminds me of Phoebe Ann Mosey otherwise known as Annie Oakley. This type of painting would be from late 1800's to early 1900's.

Sharron, beautiful in her Victorian Bustle. These paintings are reminiscent of several 1800's paintings.

Carolyn (that would be ME) in 1940's . I felt like I was at the station waiting on the train. It never did come so I left after 3 hours of waiting...oh wait I mean posing!

Tim -- is that Sir Francis Walsingham? Tim protrays Walsingham along with a other characters at Renaissance Faires and other events. Such stately portraits.