Saturday, January 28, 2012

Contest - Me, History & Interpretation - Winner

It's been almost a month and nearly a week and half of that month vegging in the eastern Caribbean, aboard a cruise ship since I announced the contest.  My brain is functioning again. If there is one thing I've learned in branding or logos, words are tools and use them wisely. Everyone relates, interprets words according to their own historical use of a particular word.

Thank you, thank you for all the suggestions I had via postings, email and facebook.

I've been back over all the suggestions and plugged them into the logo and put them into a power point slide. I will use the slide at the beginning of each presentation, when I tell who I am, my "expertise",  what the subject is today,  etc.

I then took several of the suggestions/tag lines and mixed them with each others. I'm leaning toward these two. Remember that Lady Carolyn is in Red right above this line. So Lady Carolyn.....

          Brings History's Lesser Known (Tidbits) to Life

          Brings Lesser Known Historical (Tidbits) to Life

A couple people (Vicky, Maridy) suggested Tidbits - I like the word, but would it turn off the male population?  is it connotations-- delicate? dainty?  Dictionary and thesaurus -"a tiny morsel of food or a pleasing bit of anything, as news or gossip". Girls gossip!This word my be to feminine.

The word Past, everyone enjoys the past. Everyone you meet you want to know about their past or facts of their life, we're curious about them. Past is much better word we relate to than facts. Do you say "Tell me about the (facts, past) of your life". You may not be that direct on a first date, but you will find out their past.   Facts- accurate  word but seems dull. Facts and History is what everyone avoided in high school.

Stories, everyone enjoys a good story. No one suggested this word, it actually came to me while I was typing this up. As an interpreter  we are taught that Stories can create an emotional bond which can tie us to the past or history.

As much as I personally love the word tidbits I think I'll have to past on this one. If I only spoke to women this would be such a lovely word to use. Women relate to tidbits in food, you know, you'll  only take a little bit of that delicious dessert. What woman doesn't love a  pleasing bit of news or gossip? And tidbits of history would wet their appetite for some juicy morsel of information about someone or something.

"Past" doesn't seem to have a zing to it, but stories could be exciting to settle down and hear about. Uumm may I be as good a story teller of history that matches the level of my historical costuming! Now that could be a scary thought, not living up to the costumes.

Lady Carolyn, Brings History's Lesser Known Stories to Life
Lady Carolyn, Brings History's Lesser Known Past to Life
Lady Carolyn, Brings History's Lesser Known Tidbits to Life -rats! I like, but no - don't think I can unless I get an overwhelming "yes use it"
Lady Carolyn, Brings Lesser Known Historical Stories to Life

Give me some feed back and then I'm done!And then to pick a winner of the slogan, that may have to be one or two, as I pirated part of their words, Maridy and Vicky.  

Beginning to get brain dead again and I need to order a corset pattern, I HAVE to get busy on my Titanic era gown.


Anonymous said...

...lesser known stories sound great!

Maridy Carpenter said...

"past" is redundant to "history" - and I like "History's lesser known..." rather than "historical". The first makes "History" seems alive, a force or character of it's own. "Historical" is dull and dusty, relegated to the back rooms of a museum or on a shelf somewhere (exciting for you and me, perhaps, but not the general population.) So, my official vote is "Brings History's lesser known stories to life".

Maridy Carpenter said...

oh, and as much as you KNOW I'd love a starbucks card or whatever it is, I don't think the daughter should win anything!

Lady Carolyn said...

thought about putting a clause in there about "members, family etc not eligible" :)

Debbie Sessions said...

I vote for "stories".