Sunday, February 28, 2010

GBCS --- that stands for Great Basin Costume Society!!!!

There's a new group in town, the GBCS. Lauren Reeser who has moved here from the bay area was pinning away to play. So she and her mother put together the format for this new group. All are welcome to play at all events or whatever event catches your fancy!

Here are a few pictures of the group that met today. My apoligies to Paige, who sat on my right and to Shirley, who was on my left, and Tiffany across from me and the other little gal and Biddy who seemed to play musical chairs and I never caught her in a seat to get a pic! I never left my seat until the end to take pictures of the group around the table and missed these ladies.

GRRRRRR I had names beside each pic, but the blogger thingy was putting names where ever and when ever it wanted on the page - so here are just the pics, sans names.

History Classes in Washoe Co School District

I had the opportunity six times to teach a few classes to some history classes, Jr High and High School

Cruising in Dec. Part 2

Scott joined me for the second half of the cruise. It was our honeymoon time along with me "working". Doing presentations on cruise ships I do not count as work!!

Scott and I at one of the formal nights. Scott was fabulous about "dressing up"

The photographer keep calling Scott "Mr. President"

Scott and I on one of the Port Days - this was in Guatemala.

Cruising in Dec. Part 1

My new sis-in-law went with me on this cruise. What a blast we had!

In one of the many lounges on the cruise ship after a presentation.

There is something about cruising in the sun and sand that just doesn't jive with Christmas.

Wedding Bells!

This is a picture taken on the cruise ship in the same outfits we were married in. Gatsby all the way!

This is the view from a 3 yr old with a camera. Sara took lots of pics of the wedding, of course she always looking

Our beautiful wedding cake, make by Shaine, new step-daughter! Our wedding day is also Scott's birthday so she made his favorite cake.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wow Time has Flownnnn!

Since the last post there has been several events. In Sept of 09 was another cruise. This cruise was to Alaska. What a beautiful country!
Getting dressesd for a presentation -- "Pack yer bags mother! We're off to the Gold Fields"