Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Daughter and I in England, Scotland and one day in Paris!

After the transatlantic trip I stay an extra two weeks in England. My daughter Maridy flew in to meet me and we had a wonderful trip seeing the sights of England and Scotland.

I think one of my most memorable experiences was the few days we spent in Derbyshire. Maridy found an awesome B&B, Sheriff's Lodge. The innkeepers, Alan and Kate, were people after my own heart. We had many of the same interest. Alan arranged for us to dress in 1500's ensembles and visit Haddon Hall. The home of the Duke of Rutland. I actually play the part of the Dowager Countess of Rutland, Bridget Manners at various Renaissance fairs. Alan and Kate, also encouraged us to dress Vicorian and attend a four mill where they were celebrating Victiorian Days. I even dressed Kate's mom who is my size in the same ensemble I wore to the mill and she went back to the mill and enjoyed herself as a Victorian lady.

Below are some of the pictures from the Derbyshire area.

This guy and his "monkey" were lots of fun.

Kate's mom in my Victorian ensemble.

Maridy, Kate's Mom, and I in the garden.

Maridy at Haddon Hall working in the kitchen like a good servant!

Looking out a window where how many have looked out since 1550?

The family chapel.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

WOW 4 months since last post!!

My life has certainly moved at a fast past in the past 4 month! The past 4 months has included:

1. a wonderful two week cruise
2. two weeks in England
3. a mom with a broken hip and rehab
4. buying a house
5. moving
6. dating a wonderful man

The activities that took the most time was taking care of my mom and moving. I have WAY too much stuff! But I did thin it out some.

Below you will find some of pictures of the tansatlantic cruise and pictures of Lady Carolyn doing her thing aboard ship. My sister in law, Annie, went with me on this trip and we had a wonderful time.

France, the flowers, the pastries, the eating outdoors!!


The Azores - beautiful country!

The Bahamas - getting around on a scooter!!

Lady Carolyn after one her presentations!

A full house!!