Monday, April 30, 2012

Repurposing a 1855 Bonnett to Regency

A couple of years ago I made this bonnet for a 1855ish gown.

I used this book, which I have used as a reference many times throughout the years.

Since I could not see the back of the first bonnet, I used another from the same era and put a back on similar to the second picture.

I looked in the same reference book and noticed how in Regency the hats are further down on the forehead a little more. They seem to set like a muffin top in some pictures.

Now the problem, I needed to make another bonnet for a Regency gown for the next cruise. I have a bonnet I like that goes with the  Regency gown that I made several years ago, however it is much larger, takes up more room in my trunk and I needed something smaller, something easier to pack but  I was fast running out of time. Maridy my daughter was here, and I had the bonnet with the Regency gown and the cheater Spencer. The cheater Spencer is via American Duchess. Lauren is going with me on this cruise and I thought a Spencer with this bonnet would be great color scheme, however wrong time period for bonnet. I was hemming and hawing, do I make another bonnet? when? I kept thinking no will know on the cruise that it is not exactly the right bonnet - but I would know and that just bothers me. I'm sorta a stickler for the right silhouette. Then my daughter took the 1850's bonnet and plopped down on my head, put the ties in the back and Voila  -  Regency! Thanks Mar!

So here is the picture that Maridy took as I was trying on the Spencer and the hat. No proper undergarments or hair style, but you get the picture.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Honoring the Titanic in Reno this Saturday

This Saturday the Great Basin Costume Society is having tea at The Isle Tea House in Reno. We will be honoring those aboard the Titanic who lost their lives. In some parts of the country this Saturday - Sunday is called a 100yr celebration of the Titanic. It's hard for me to call it a celebration, but honor seems the more appropriate word.  Lord Mayor of Belfast (where the Titanic was built) said, "The Titanic story is probably one of the most fascinating, amazing, poignant, thought-provoking and absorbing tales from the last century, if not the last millennium" 

It seems there will be around 25 joining us for tea. Getting excited to share a cup of tea, laughter and seeing some old friends and meet some new friends.

The Isle Tea House

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Interpretative Posing - Nevada Musem of Art

I had a wonderful opportunity to model at the Nevada Museum of Art. I love doing the whole interpretative "look". To me it is not just the costume and then setting or standing pretty, it's about the whole picture. I had two props, a parasol or a deck of period cards. I went with the cards. It would be very appropriate for a Lady of this time period to be enjoying a game of cards in the later 1700's.
Lauren Elizabeth doing her American Duchess technique

Daniel Helzer, artist

Greg Brady
 On the following two pictures I forgot to get  their names, will add them in next week.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

1920's Barnstormers to Bootleggers

1920's Barnstormers to Bootleggers, this was the title to this year's bi-annual symposium at the National Automobile Museum. It is always a pleasure to receive a call from Barbara Clark or Jackie Frady at the Museum to be involved in one of their programs. Because of their level of interpretation it's easy to understand why they are rated number FIVE in the nation for auto museums and number sixteen in the world.

Interpreting information on the 1920's was "absolutely the berries", especially since I asked Lauren Reeser from American Duchess to co-host this event. I knew Lauren has a few 20's fashions and I have a few, put those together and we had a presentation, The Bee's Knees and the Cat's Meow, Fashionistas 1920's Style. Along with the presentation on Thursday we went back on Saturday for a skit - total improv- of camping in Yosemite in 1927.

Check out Lauren's pictures at American Duchess, as her pictures were better than mine on Thursday

The Misses and the Dumb Dora - 1920's term for all wet in the noodle

Checking out her new set of wheels

1920's camping box

1919 Egret Feathers - Squeeellll

In March I was asked to speak at the American Sewing Guild here in Reno. They specifically wanted to know how a costumer creates a costume. So I took the power point, a tub of "stuff" a couple of costumes and my latest project down and shared information. Fantastic group, young to well very mature ladies. Projects are anything to do with sewing. One lady is working on a Titanic using patterns from Vintage Pattern Lending Library - I'm hoping and she's hoping to join us for our Titanic Tea on the 14th.  The next day I  received this lovely email from Claire Blurton

Carolyn:  I spoke to you at the ASG meeting about some egret feathers I have that my mother brought back from France in 1918 when she came to America with the US Army Nurses after WWI .   I found them and a couple of other items you might be able to use in your historical costumes that you teach history with.   Please contact me so you can come to see if they would be of any use to you.   Claire

My fingers flew in writing a response back to her. Along with the feathers she gave me beautiful netted scarf from her mother and a lamb collar. I was also fortunate to get a picture of Claire's mother, Florence B Myers in her nurse uniform. I'm thinking of  using these feathers on a Regency Turban on the next cruise in May.

BTS - that means Blue Thong Society

What a hoot! I was invited to speak to the Blue Thong Society - Mountain Divas earlier this month. This group met at the Lake Mansion, appetizers, dinner, desert and plenty of wine. This group is a slightly younger version of the Red Hat Society. If looking for a group energetic women and a good time contact:

Teri McCready for Blue Thong Society, Mountain Divas
Tel.  775.747.8827