Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Regency/Victorian Bonnet & Regency Gown

As I wrote the above title it reminds me of postings on eBay, "Victorian, Wedding, Goth, Steam, pin up look alike" they cover every angle to get you to "look". However bare with me and see how this bonnet works for both. Originally I made the bonnet to go with an early 1860's gown

Me, 3rd one from this end - side profile of bonnet

Pictures of bonnet and the book I received inspiration from.


My reference book

Love the Mary Stuart hood look

Since the back of the Mary Stuart bonnet can not be seen I opted for this loose back

Another dress I made that I liked the bonnet with. The bonnet is a later date than the dress. I have since made a bonnet to go with the time period of the dress -- but liked the colors

Now for the Regency look. I did not like the bonnet I had to go with my Regency gown. I was bemoaning the fact to my daughter. I had the above bonnet out on the table. I liked the way it went with my down & dirty brown Spencer I had made using American Duchess tutorial but wrong, wrong, wrong time period. My daughter picked it up and plopped it down on my head like a muffin cap, tied the ties in back, tucked the tails up in the bonnet and voila a Regency bonnet.

Vintage trim from the stash - outside brim

Inside brim - vintage trim fr stash

Cunnington's book - style reminds me on the one I repurposed :)

The Regency Gown

 The gown was made several years ago. I used several gowns as reference to get the V neck however I did get the neck a little wide so I fill it in with a kerchief. Although I've noticed on several fashion plates they seem to bare a little more than I am comfortable doing. I choose the V neck over the typical Regency rounded neck, puffed sleeve look. I feel I'm too old for puffed sleeves and wanted a neck a little more flattering to me. 

May be more a "scarf" type ruffle - but liked the look

Slight V

This one a little earlier time period - but liked the V

#'s 10, 16, 19 all have V necks

This is a riding habit - said was embroidery, but liked the V neck look

So now you see where the V neck came from, the rest of the dress I used left over scraps of material. Again I complied the sleeves and bottom from several fashion plates to get the Rengency look.

Back of dress with another bonnet I made, which I love but sometimes it's too bulky to pack, especially on a cruise.