Monday, January 2, 2012

Anchors Away! Interpretative Cruising, Jan 14-21, 2012

Celebrity Eclipse
In ten days we take off for Florida,  to sail away on Celebrity Eclipse.  I always choose the Caribbean in Jan or Feb to take a cruise. The holidays are over, but cold weather is still hanging around Reno and I'm always hankering for spring. 

The Interpretation talks for this cruise are:

Cruising the Caribbean, Board the Banana Boat via the early 1900’sLearn what early cruising was like in the early 1900’s with the United Fruit Company who was the  dominate "cruise" company to the Caribbean.  (This is a fun one, I love doing this one)

Pirate Speak - Thou yeasty mammet! What say ye a curse to the spouse or a boon to the boss? We will learn phrases, facts and lore of the pirate. Handouts (informative and lots of trivia)

The Cruising Victorian Lady Bustles, hoops, cotton, silk, velvet, 27 lbs of clothing? 17-18 layers and accouterments? Could they travel in those things? See it layer by layer (the flagship show, I've been doing for years)

Life was Not Sweet on the Caribbean Sugar Routes  A look at the Triangle Trade Route of Slaves and Sugar throughout the Caribbean. (Sad commentary on part of history)

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