Friday, November 2, 2012

Neon Signs and the 50's

The Nevada Museum of Art opened their current exhibit, The Light Circus": Art of Nevada Neon Signs . They asked me to model, I asked what to wear, they said "whatever".  Now the interpreter in me was telling me the history of the really cool neon signs for Reno, Nevada would be from the 1930's-60's. Now I've been tagged before as Mamie Eisenhower. Yep this is the hairdo and clothing style of that period. I chose this dress to fit into the time period of the neon signs.


Neon Signs said...

I love the look of a good neon sign. Looks like you guys have done some nice work too!

Justin Moydell said...

Even behind a very pop-american art installations, you still shine through with your glamour! Your pose definitely exudes an aura of classic elegance, which is evident in most of the photos I've seen of you. I'm also loving the neon signs at your back, by the way. Until your next photo op!

Justin @