Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Learn to Gig in a Working Guild

This past October I went back "home", home being the renaissance guild of The House of Swindon. It's been a long time since I have been able to play, however "play" is a misnomer as we are a histoic guild and expected to work. We are the household of the Rutland family, living in Queen Elizabeth I's time period. The Dowager Duchess of Rutland, Bridget Manners,  is on the prowl for a new husband and the newly widowed Francis Russell, Earl of Bedford is enticing. 

If you want to hone your skills to work with the public find a good historic guild and learn how to gig or improv. Work with the others in the guild and build your character as the public watches and asks questions. There are guilds out there who mostly "play" and then there are guilds that base their characters on history. Do your research on each guild, interview them, go and see how they work together in the guild yard in front of the pavilion and in back where the public is not allowed, go tho their meetings. Find one that fits you, join, have fun and learn history!

Left, Ashley Deering, also my step-Granddaugher, Elizabeth Manners, Center, Moi, Dowager Duchess of Rutland, Right, Erika Jahn, Ladies maid to my step daughter-in-law

Laura Chilcott - musician

Margaret Collins - g'daughter's tutor

Kat Deering, Isabel Manners, Lady Rutland

Chris, the cook and her helper that weekend

Lord Rutland on left and the public

Along with being with your guild you always run into old friends.
Susan Denson

Paige Mattern

Sherry Grund

Michael, Paige and Lisa


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