Monday, August 13, 2012

Interpreting Ellen Coolidge Requires New Ensemble

On September 5 I leave for a 11 day cruise, out of  Southampton, then to France, Spain,  and Portugal. I have three presentations on this cruise. One of the presentations I thought the passengers might enjoy is the journals of Ellen Coolidge. She was the granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson. Most of her growing up years was living at Monticello, she and her siblings were partly schooled by Thomas Jefferson.

I thought the passengers would enjoy seeing London through her eyes, a new monarch, British culture, the architecture and meeting the Lions of the day. She writes in a witty, humorous and sometimes catty style. Wonder if her writing style is a result of Thomas Jefferson?

But, alas, I have no 1838 costume. Nor do I have anything remotely near an 1838 costume I could tweak. So back from Costume College last Monday, Tuesday down to the Dungeon and chain myself to the sewing machine. Here is the result of the past week.

I love the Bishop Sleeve - I love sleeves

With or without fichu/collar? were they called fichu in 1838?  


Time Traveling in Costume said...

Beautiful! And you are so focused! I've just been making messes since I got home.
I know there was a date that kerchiefs started to be called fichus and I think 1838 would be fichu.
I want to be you!! That trip sounds awesome.

Lady Carolyn said...

Oh it's fun and a couple of days ago I found out the Jane Austin Festival is going on when we return from the cruise, so now more awesomeness! whew I need more time in England