Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cheerio! We're Off to England! Cruising and Jane Austen Festival

Celebrity Constellation

Next week Cody and I board the Constellation in Southampton. After a marathon of sewing new ensembles, repairing a couple of older costumes, new power point presentations and getting clothes ready, I'm coming up for air.
As most of you know on board ship, I always dress in a costume of the era I'm doing the presentation. On the last cruise with Lauren, American Duchess, we dressed, translate to dressed in Costumes or Vintage, every night for dinner. Not only did we have fun, but the other passengers seemed to enjoy our clothing as well. Of course Lauren is about 35yrs younger, that may have had something to do with everyone's enjoyment, she was beautiful and classy. We enjoyed ourselves so much I'm doing the same thing this cruise, but this time I've got a 22 yr old male (son) with me dressing in costume.
Dressing in Vintage takes less room and weight in the suitcase. While I was at Costume College a month ago, I bought a couple of patterns from Decades of Style. I had made her Sweetheart Coveralls for the last cruise. For this cruise I made the Katharine Hepburn Trousers. I will pair these trousers with a couple of 1940's blouses that I have, put the sides of my hair in Victory Rolls and voila - 1940's revisited.

Earlier in the month I made a new 1838 costume for the interpretation of Ellen Coolidge's 1838 travels in England. This dress is posted in an earlier blog on Ellen Coolidge's dress.
After the cruise we will travel to Bath for the day and partake of the festivities at the Jane Austen Festival. On Friday we will meet Lyzee Lynch, The Mended Soul, and her mother for tea at the Festival.
For a Costumer and an Interpreter of the Past this trip is promising to figure in the Top 10!

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As one costumer to another, I love your blog. You have an award waiting for you on mine.