Sunday, April 1, 2012

1920's Barnstormers to Bootleggers

1920's Barnstormers to Bootleggers, this was the title to this year's bi-annual symposium at the National Automobile Museum. It is always a pleasure to receive a call from Barbara Clark or Jackie Frady at the Museum to be involved in one of their programs. Because of their level of interpretation it's easy to understand why they are rated number FIVE in the nation for auto museums and number sixteen in the world.

Interpreting information on the 1920's was "absolutely the berries", especially since I asked Lauren Reeser from American Duchess to co-host this event. I knew Lauren has a few 20's fashions and I have a few, put those together and we had a presentation, The Bee's Knees and the Cat's Meow, Fashionistas 1920's Style. Along with the presentation on Thursday we went back on Saturday for a skit - total improv- of camping in Yosemite in 1927.

Check out Lauren's pictures at American Duchess, as her pictures were better than mine on Thursday

The Misses and the Dumb Dora - 1920's term for all wet in the noodle

Checking out her new set of wheels

1920's camping box


Donna Jeanne Koepp said...

Looks like a fun time. Great costuming!!

Lady Carolyn said...

Thanks Donna said...

Can I get a pattern or better view of the knickers/vest/tie combo??