Sunday, April 1, 2012

1919 Egret Feathers - Squeeellll

In March I was asked to speak at the American Sewing Guild here in Reno. They specifically wanted to know how a costumer creates a costume. So I took the power point, a tub of "stuff" a couple of costumes and my latest project down and shared information. Fantastic group, young to well very mature ladies. Projects are anything to do with sewing. One lady is working on a Titanic using patterns from Vintage Pattern Lending Library - I'm hoping and she's hoping to join us for our Titanic Tea on the 14th.  The next day I  received this lovely email from Claire Blurton

Carolyn:  I spoke to you at the ASG meeting about some egret feathers I have that my mother brought back from France in 1918 when she came to America with the US Army Nurses after WWI .   I found them and a couple of other items you might be able to use in your historical costumes that you teach history with.   Please contact me so you can come to see if they would be of any use to you.   Claire

My fingers flew in writing a response back to her. Along with the feathers she gave me beautiful netted scarf from her mother and a lamb collar. I was also fortunate to get a picture of Claire's mother, Florence B Myers in her nurse uniform. I'm thinking of  using these feathers on a Regency Turban on the next cruise in May.

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