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Sept through Dec, 2010

Riding the Stream of Life seems to be the mode that I was in September through December. You know how it is, you just get busy with Life and don't do the little things that need to be done. For me this would be setting down and posting on the blog. I posted pictures and information about the events I've been involved, starting with December and going back to September. I forgot that the blogger loads the pictures backwards from what you upload them.


I helped my step-son, David, with a project for his English Class. A couple of English classes combined together to do a study on the Victorian time period. The students broke into small groups. Each group had to choose a part of the Victorian time period and do a report. They set up tables in the main hallway of Damonte High School to display their reports. Examples of some of the study groups were: education, crime and punishment, entertainment, music, art, etc. David volunteered he and three of his buddies for Victorian clothing. He figured this would be an easy A with my help. This was a senior class project and I was not about to let my clothes out of sight with four 17 yr. old boys at school. I volunteered to go along, which filled their requirement for female clothing and one of the boys dressed as a female. Yep, silly boys, now you know why I insisted on going. They also needed to showcase children's clothes. That was easy to fulfill also. We had my 5 yr old granddaughter along. Sara (g'daughter and David's neice) was a chick magnet for David. With David walking around in his Victorian Cutaway and Sara hanging on his arm in children's Victorian clothing saying, "Uncle David, Uncle David. . ". All the girls were hitting on David, "Oh David, she's soooo cute". Needless to say the group received and A++.

Damonte Ranch High School Victorian Days---and yes the "girl" in the gray dress is a boy. Pictured below Sara, David, Jake, Trevor, Brandon

The girl in the late 1800's swim suit borrowed it from my closet for her display.
One of the fun groups I belong to went to the Salvation army to sing Christmas Carols as they handed out gifts of toys to the families. We may have not sounded that great, but we sure looked great! We then went to the mall in costume to Starbucks for a cup of Christmas Cheer and "figgy pudding".

Great Basin Costume Society at the Salvation Army and Meadowood Mall and Starbucks.

September Through November

I had three History Undressed shows during these months. The Friends of the Library, city of Colfax, City of Reno's Seniors Program and the National Auto Museum, Harrah's Collection. Great groups all of them and thoroughly enjoyed performing for all.

I also worked with the Foothills Church of Christ for a fundraiser for Village of Hope, Ghana, Africa. I did a program, Womanly Arts, that had tableaux of woman through the ages doing various arts.

These pictures are the program at the Foothills Church of Christ Fundraiser.

Pictures from Friends of the Colfax Library fundraiser. I took the motor home over and used it as a dressing room to dress the ladies who volunteered for the fashion show.

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