Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nevada Museum of Art

Wayyyyy back in August or beginning or September I saw an advertisement in a Nevada Museum of Art brochure advertising a Life Modeling Class with models in historical costumes. I thought this would be an interesting fun gig to do, so I called and volunteered to model. The teacher was out of the country but they would take my name, number and pass it on to him. Time passed, I forgot I had volunteered, then a phone call came from Jerry Stinson, teacher of the class. He called me at the end of October or beginning November, asked me questions regarding my costumes and I shared my enthusiasm for costuming. Actually I was a chatty Cathy.

He came out the next day, looked at my wardrobe room and we talked about a schedule. I shared with him pictures of other costumers and their ensembles and then before I knew it I was volunteering to set a schedule for him of various models from different time frames, genders, body types. What I thought would be a fun interesting gig has turned into so much more than a lark. The intensity of the students concentration in the class room is almost tangible. Out of my association with Jerry, his students and the work they do has grown a tremendous amount of respect for their hard work. The first class session was six weeks, we are now on a four week class session.

Below some of the pictures I have listed the artist web site or email. Take a look at their wonderful work.








Nevada Museum of Art said...

Hi Lady Carolyn,

Thank you for your kind words! We are so glad you enjoyed your experience with the class and are continuing to work with the Museum. Your images are fantastic as well!!

Thank you - Nevada Museum of Art

Lady Carolyn said...

It's a pleasure to work with Jerry (teacher), the students and NMA--