Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Carolyn Dummy or a Dress Form fitted to Carolyn's Body

Last Friday, two friends, Jennie and Paige did a paper tape fitting of my body. Jennie learned this technique last year at Costume College.

The first thing I did was go to the thrift store and bought a really fitted, umm tight, turtle neck and wore a pair of leggings. Jennie said make sure it covers my upper arms and up toward my neck. I would have wet paper tape all over the shirt and it would be cut off of me.

Jennie laying on layers of tape.

Things can get a little friendly at times and if you didn't know your taper well before the fitting, you will by the end when they poke and push in certain places.

With the wet paper tape it can get wet and damp. It feels lovely to have the blow dryer on ya to dry it out some.

After 2-3 layers Jennie is cutting me out. Notice how she is cutting in a zig zag pattern. This makes it easy to tape it back together by matching up the points.

After I was cut out of the tape we hung the form over a form to dry out before pulling back together and taping.


Maridy Carpenter said...

Looks great! Now you'll have to help me with mine ;)

Debbie said...

Do the layers of tape add too much thickness so as to distort an exact fitting?

I will have to try this out.