Sunday, February 8, 2009


Yesterday, 2/07/09, Maridy (my daughter) and I taught a class on etiquette to aspiring talent for the film industry. Integrity Casting hired us to teach & coach talent who will be needing all the skills they can use in various situations they will be exposed to in the film industry. This could be on set, a gala event, a "go see" or for an audition. Yeah for the auditions! First we taught the men, there are things that the men need to know about the world of etiquette that are independent of the females and the same goes for the females. Therefore the second half of the class was just for the females.

Maridy and Mack unpacking the all important mirror so you can see what you REALLY look like

Maridy teaching the gentlemen.

Carolyn getting ready to expound up the importance of table manners -umm very useful with your agent or a scene in a dining establishment.

Carolyn teaching something, however those shoes sure match her sweater and I think the Wicked Witch of the West would be jealous.


Jerry Butler said...

Read all your blog.
Believe I will apply for that speaker program you refer to.

Peace and Birds Jerry Butler

Jerry Butler said...

My Carolyn how far you've come since the old Herrin, Illinois days. I enjoyed reading the whole blog. I think I'll apply for that speaker thing link you posted.
Peace and Birds Jerry Butler