Sunday, August 16, 2009

WOW 4 months since last post!!

My life has certainly moved at a fast past in the past 4 month! The past 4 months has included:

1. a wonderful two week cruise
2. two weeks in England
3. a mom with a broken hip and rehab
4. buying a house
5. moving
6. dating a wonderful man

The activities that took the most time was taking care of my mom and moving. I have WAY too much stuff! But I did thin it out some.

Below you will find some of pictures of the tansatlantic cruise and pictures of Lady Carolyn doing her thing aboard ship. My sister in law, Annie, went with me on this trip and we had a wonderful time.

France, the flowers, the pastries, the eating outdoors!!


The Azores - beautiful country!

The Bahamas - getting around on a scooter!!

Lady Carolyn after one her presentations!

A full house!!

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