Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Robe? Coat?

Robe? Coat? or????

A few months ago I received this from a friend. Not sure what the maker intended it to be. They never finished it, but they had put in several hours of work. It still a few places where there is no decorative stitches. They never got around to finishing the edge or sleeve edge. It looks like some of the materials may be from the 1940's or 1930's. Any thoughts appreciated on this item.

I'm thinking about putting a binding around the edge and put a 1950's slip under it  and wear it to Sunday Undies at Costume College as a robe. It is cute on, it is form fitting through the waist then flares out.

I wonder if several years down the road someone will find an unfinished project of mine and wonder "what the heck did she have in mind for this"

Back Top Neck - you can see how it has unfinished edges and even the basting stitch in this part

A few of some of the decorative stitches.

A few of the materials are starting to shred. It looks like some of these materials are from the 1940's.
Inside stitching

Bottom edge unfinished.


Time Traveling in Costume said...

My guess would be a coat. I don't think anyone would go to that much work to wear around the bedroom. They'd want to show it off. About 20 years ago among quilters, it was very popular to make short jackets like this, or even decorate them with parts of quilt designs.

Lady Carolyn said...

Several at Sunday Undies was thrilled with it - especially if any did quilting, several guesses, about 50/50 on coat/robe.