Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Interpretive Posing

As many of you know I find models for the Nevada Museum of Art class Historical Costume Painting and Drawing. In this class I pose models such as you might find if you were to time travel to the past. Imagine Rex, our mountain man, sitting on a stump around a campfire. Each student is free to draw/paint the entire model, 3/4 pose, head or focus on an accessory the model may carry with them. I have been fortunate and blessed that each model is particular with their entire ensemble from head to toe, to be as historically accurate as possible.  We ended a six week class on Monday. We start again on February 7 - March 13, 2012, Tuesdays. If interested in being a model contact me at and I will give you the particulars.  My thanks to all who modeled this time, you're the best.


 Rex did a fabulous job as a Mountain Man. I've seen him sitting in an encampment at Rendezvous in Carson City. Rex also teaches at the Nevada Museum of Art. I noticed on the schedule for this next session he is teaching two classes, Mask Making and Cartooning. This is a man of many talents!

 Erika is in a Renaissance gown, mid-1500's.  In most classes there are at least five students, sometimes eight, once there was about ten. Modeling for such a small group makes it easier to get to know the artist.

 Erika costume for this evening was mid 1800's, she calls this one her Dickens outfit. She a beautiful gal and lovely to paint or draw.

Lisa was the model for this session. She is in an Edwardian ensemble. Her daughter tagged along with her that evening and drew a picture of her mother! She did a fine job!

This picture reminds me of an old stereoscope card.

Me, Carolyn in 1920, a relaxed pose with legs crossed. Definitely not an appropriate pose before the 1920's.  

 Paintings are not like film, I always tell Daniel, the artist of this painting and one above he often captures the look of my Grandmother on my father's side. I see the genes in the eyes and jaw, cheek. It reminds me of the old saying, "Mirrow Mirrow on the wall, I am my grandmother afterall"


Donna Jeanne Koepp said...

Carolyn, Absolutely fabulous!! I'm sorry I missed this last session. I'll check the next one.
Wonderful costumes this time.

Lady Carolyn said...

Thanks Donna!