Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BIG Pouffy Chicken Wire Wedding Dress

What happens when you take 1/2 in plywood, chicken wire, bar stool and a used wedding dress? You end up with a product that a client asked you to build. At the end of September Shirley Lockett contacted me. She was interested in trying to build a prop for her Bridal & Beauty Show produced by the Lockett Corporation. When we met at Starbucks she showed me a 4x6 promotion card of the inspiration piece. That started the creative juices flowing. As you can see in the pictures below the process I used to build the set for her.
Shirley wanted the piece in the top right hand corner.
Shirley sent me a photo of the finished set for Bridal & Beauty Show

I used zip ties to secure the chicken wire to the plywood platform

still putting on zip ties

Dress I found at a thrift store

Shirley like the Phantom of the Opera theme -- I already had this mask fr another event

I made a gold forepart and lace overlay. All the pieces and parts were attached with ribbon

Me and the finished product. Wish the ladder was showing. Shirley is to send me a picture of the gal who actually was in this contraption at the show.

Well what do you think? Did I come close to the inspiration design?


Donna Jeanne Koepp said...

Oh, wow!! This is fantastic and I think you really nailed the inspiration. What a fun project.

Lady Carolyn said...

Thanks Donna, it was fun and the creative juices did flow.