Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dickens Fair, Dec 6, 2008

What's like a stage set for the general public? Where can you dress in your finest mid 1800's ensembles and walk the streets of London? Where can you see and chat with all your favorite Dickens characters? Where can you set and have a cuppa when your tired and so badly want to put your feet up? Where can you dance all day long with accomplished dance partners who teach and lead you through all the basics? There's only one place that I know of and that is the Dickens Fair, in the Cow Palace in Daley City, CA. Now some would say that the Cow Palace is in San Francisco, but I have a friend who will correct me every time if I say the wrong city. I love this place!

This year my whole family went, plus a family friend. We took the 34' RV over, stayed in an RV park a couple of miles from the Cow Palace on Friday night. On Saturday morning we drove over to the Cow Palace early went to the back of the parking lot where we could take up space and put the RV slide out for more room. Nine people in an RV and several of them females need hoop room! Plus two of the boys are in wheelchairs and my mom has her scooter. WHEW! Oh did I mention the two dogs and three other people met us at the RV to get dress also? We got the first set of people dressed and threw them out doors and barred the door. Thank goodness San Francisco was fairly warm that morning! As you can see by the pictures below we had a grand time. Getting some of the hoops out of the way by hanging them off the RV mirror!

Josh, one of the first group kicked out of the RV waiting... and waiting... and waiting!
Hurry up Bethany (fiance)!

Lovely Katie

Me in the Green, Katie in Riding Habit, Sara (the littlest one), Maridy in the back
All of were in the costume contest.
Maridy won best overall!!

Ta Da!!!! Lovely Maridy and her Award Winning Ensemble

Joe (son in law) and Sara (granddaughter)

Josh and Bethany dancing!

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