Monday, November 3, 2008

Nevada Day Parade Nov 1, 1008

Nevada is one of the few state in the union that celebrates our becoming a state. We entered the union on Oct 31, 1864 and in this era we celebrate with many festivities. One event is a parade in Carson City, our state capitol. ( we also get the day off of work and out of school).

I've included information taken from the Nevada Day Web site.

The 2008 Nevada Day Theme is
Hollywood in Nevada - Movies and Television

The 2008 theme brings together all the gilt and glamour of Hollywood within our state. 2008 will mark one hundred and eleven years of movie making in Nevada, which all started in 1897 when a film was made documenting the heavyweight prizefight between "Gentleman Jim" Corbett and British challenger Bob Fitzsimmons. Hollywood has been no stranger in Nevada. Over the 50 plus years of the television industry, our state has played host to numerous TV shows filmed in Las Vegas and Reno. CSI Las Vegas and Reno 911 are just two examples of TV shows currently on the television fall and spring lineup.

The history of the movie industry within Nevada dates back as long as there was film in the camera. Many people are not familiar with Nevada's extensive movie resume. Just a few of the movies filmed in Nevada are The Misfits, staring Clark Gable, Marilynn Monroe and Eli Wallach. Academy Award winning film Leaving Las Vegas. To name a few more: Charlie Varrick, Sister Act, Mars Attacks, Pink Cadillac, Honkytonk Man, Vegas, The Godfather, Oceans 11, Misery. The Shootist Staring John Wayne and Lauren Bacall and many, many others!

Over Hundred years of movies in Nevada is quite an accomplishment and is something to celebrate. It was a perfect theme for the Reno Film Festival to enter a float into the parade.

On the float was the director, cameraman, clapper, and the "star" Charlie Chaplin. Walking along side of the float was several "stars" greeting guests along the parade route.

Maridy Carpenter who was the star Debra Kerr from the "King and I" did an awesome picture gallery of the real stars and our stars. Take a look at her site.

In the pictures below, you will see a few people getting the float ready for the parade and "stars" getting ready in the dressing room, also known as a motor home.

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