Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Story - AGAIN (said in whiney voice) and New Hobby

I've taken up a new hobby, watercolor painting. I have messed the last year with a little journal, drawing and adding some color. I decided to take a class in mid November. Now I'm hearing the words "the Story" again and again in the painting world. I hear "the story" in reenactment, in NAI, in church, but painting?  I remember when I took some art classes eons ago the important word when creating a painting was composition, now it's"the story". A painting should draw your eye in, wonder around and tell a story.  It seems composition and the story are almost interchangeable. Do a search on YouTube for painting compositions and you'll see what I mean.  So here are some paintings that tell "stories". Love this stuff!!

"After the Ball",  Henri Gervex

"An Interesting Letter", Julius LeBlanc Stewart

"La Place de la Trinite", Victor Gabriel Gilbert
"Young Man Playing the Piano" Gustave Caillebotte

Some I'm hoping someday I'll be good enough to tell a story with a painting. Right now, like all storying telling, I'm in the practice, practice, practice part. Here is a painting that I did six times and still need to work on highlights and shading and waves and..... well practice!

following a tutorial off of a YouTube video - "the story" wonder where these two people are going?



Ruby G M said...

I have to tell you I saw the story in that little chicken painting you made for Bel, you’re getting the hang of ‘the story’ for sure. I had a lovely time imagining her walking around her world, visiting with the other girls and she seemed so happy. I smiled all afternoon about her.

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